Our Consultants

Originating from several backgrounds, our international team has a steady passion for Hospitality and Food & Beverage. Their combined experience together with their dedication to their work cover a wide field of expertise and action.

Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Guyana, France and Scotland are some of the countries our team members have worked before travelling all around the world under HTC in Asia.



Jean Michel Fraisse (Consultant)




Jean Michel Fraisse has opened and operated numerous restaurants and catering businesses in France and Asia in a career spanning 34 years. A graduate of the Masters in Hospitality, Tourism and Spa Management course from the University of Toulouse in France, he has been providing consultancy services to the hospitality, tourism and food businesses in Asia for the past decade. In his home country, he was a chef de cuisine at age 20 and an executive chef when he was merely 23 years old.

Under his company HTC in Asia, a training and consultancy firm, he assists his clients to define and strategise their goals to maintain a competitive edge. His expertise includes that of collecting market intelligence, conducting market surveys, and product and F&B project development – apart from organising hospitality events for companies, investors and international government bodies.

Furthermore under its training brand name The French Culinary School in Asia, Jean Michel has been contributing to many food magazines as well under kitchen technique’s column for the past eight years and he conducts frequent culinary trainings abroad. The demand for his culinary expertise has brought him to five continents.

His company, HTC in Asia and The French Culinary School in Asia are committed to provide the highest quality training for hotels, resorts, restaurants and business entrepreneurs in Asia Pacific to arm their employees or individuals with the right skills.




Vera Austin (Consultant)


 Vera Austin has run teams to success in the Food & Beverage large operations. After her Degree in Hotel & Catering management she took a position with Sodexo. After several experiences, she then took up the challenge to become Director of Restaurants in Club Med Bintan, a few miles away from Singapore. 3 restaurants, 30 permanent team members, 800 seats full from morning to dinner everyday!

For 10 years she joined HTC in Asia, besides her role in business development, she handles internal administration for the different companies as well as manages market research, develop training materials and deliver trainings in English, Bahasa Melayu, Indonesian and Mandarin.

For the past 6 years, she has been conducting F&B service trainings in Malaysia, Indonesia and China.





Rahina Salleh (Consultant) 



The Chef de Patisserie & Boulangerie of Gourmandines, Chef Rahina, is known for her professionalism, consistency of method, good understanding of both pastry art and bread making, as well as her cheerful and positive disposition. She was trained for many years by one of the top pastry chefs of France, Chef Jean François Arnaud, M.O.F and also Master chef Jean Michel Fraisse when she first joined Gourmandines back in 2006.

Today, she is a bona fide patissiere and boulanger who can hold her own. The tireless and committed Rahina has that rare quality sought-after in a chef: an innate sense of taste and touch that allows her to understand how simple ingredients – water, flour, eggs, sugar, salt and yeast – can come to life and be turned into pastries and breads with a taste, texture and scent that melt hearts. 








Mickael Cornutrait ( Consultant)

      Mickael is the Chef de Cuisine of La Vie En Rose French restaurant, and now French Feast Restaurant ,passionate and innovative, Chef Mickaël
      leads a team of dynamic young chefs with a goal to satisfy food lover’s palate,he is very much immersed in
      the exciting   world of cutting edge kitchen technology to help cuisine professionals achieve new goals.










Bruno Casassus (Partner Consultant)

Bruno Casassus


        Bruno Casassus was born in the southwest region of France. He    graduated with a    Master’s   Degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Catering Management, and was also   bestowed the  Master’s of Engineer for Hospitality, Tourism and Catering Management.   Hailing from a family of hotel and restaurant owners and operators, Bruno graduated top   of his class and has since travelled extensively. In his home country, he has worked as a   restaurant and banquet manager cum sommelier in an acclaimed hotel.

    He was also attached with a Michelin-star restaurant in Scotland where he gained his experience as a sommelier.

For the past 9 years, he has been conducting F&B excellence training programmes and sommelier courses with HTC in Asia in Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, France, Mexico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Australia, Tahiti, Japan, China and Malaysia.  




Pierre Gay (Partner Consultant)
  Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF)




Pierre Gay is a Fromager Affineur, or Master of Cheese (similar to a Master of Wine qualification), a specialist on the refining, ageing and serving of cheese. He has deep knowledge on cheese making and milk, and the management and control of the cheese cellar to age cheese to give them a personal final touch, to enhance the aroma and taste of cheese.

Graduated from National School of Dairy (ENIL) Aurillac in 1982, Pierre is the owner of the eponymous cheese shop, Pierre Gay Fromagerie, one of the oldest cheese houses in Annecy, in the Rhone-Alps in eastern France. The fromagerie known in the region for its fine cheeses was started in 1935, and Pierre took over the company in 1989 from his father. Pierre’s dedication and efforts paid off when he was crowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) year 2011, a recognition of being the top in his trade.

Today, besides overlooking the business and the entire chain of production of cheese, Fromager Affineur Pierre is reaching out to train, support, and develop more training for dairymen-cheesemakers, service and retail professionals, and cheese enthusiasts.





Laurent Greco (Partner Consultant)


laurent greco


Laurent Greco is a leading specialist in the science of mixing drinks, mixologist from France. The founder of the Paris School bartenders ‘Bar Academy’, mixologist project ‘Liquid Chef’, magazine ‘Cocktailzone’ and the latest project mojito laboratory and bar – ‘Mojito Lab’.

Laurent has international experience, is a multiple award winner bartender, including the best bartender of the US awarded by Food & Beverage Magazine during 2 consecutive years. He created the Bar Academy in 2002 in Paris that has since become leader in the bar area, assisting for the opening of internationally known bars around the world.

The Bar Academy trains professional bartenders, organizes top of the line events and shows in conjunction with internationally recognized event planning companies. Bar Academy is also able to provide customers with expertise in all the aspects of the bar.

“Liquid Chef” specializing in creating and developing trends in cocktails for today and tomorrow. Their teams of the best mixologist travel the world to promote the art of mixology.



François Gauthier (Partner Consultant)


francois gauthier


François Gauthier has extensive international experience in bar management. For the past 7 years, he has joined the Bar Academy team and spends most of his time developing modern recipes for international brands, being the official barman for Nestle waters & Perrier, Bacardi Martini and the Baron de Rothschild Group. Currently, he is in charge of “Liquid Chef”, the modern mixology branch of the Bar Academy of France.

The Bar Academy trains professional bartenders, organizes top-of-the-line events and shows in conjunction with internationally recognized event planning companies. Bar Academy is also able to provide customers with expertise in all aspects of the bar.

“Liquid Chef” specializing in creating and developing trends in cocktails for today and tomorrow. Their teams of the best mixologist travel the world to promote the art of mixology.




En-Ming Hsu (Partner Consultant)


From United States, Chef En-Ming Hsu is one of the bright stars and has a reputation as a top-flight pastry instructor.

Hsu is a very rare breed of female pastry chefs who have reached the top of the pastry world. Her list of achievements are numerous and impressive, for instance:


– World Pastry Champion with U.S. pastry team (World Pastry Cup, France), 2001

-“Best Pastry Chef In Chicago”, by Chicago magazine, 2003

-“Lifetime Achievement Award” by Paris Gourmet, 2008

-“Doctor of Culinary Arts” from Johnson and Wales University, 2009

-Amoretti World “Pastry Chef of the Year”, 2010

-“Dame de l’Année 2009”, Académie Culinaire de France

-“One of the Top 10 Pastry Chefs In America” by Chocolatier  and Pastry Art & Design  magazines, in 1998 and 2001

                                            -“Pastry Chef of the Year in America” 1997

                                            -“Rising Star Chef of 1999”, James Beard Foundation