Our Services

Our Services

With vast experience and solid industry background, HTC in Asia delivers market intelligent, develops products, accomplishes projects, organizes events and provides operational consultancy services for companies, investors, sole-proprietors and international government bodies.

  Our team of dedicated Consultants and Trainers has established themselves internationally within the hospitality industry and are positioned to assist companies in exceeding their goals.




HTC in Asia’s consultancy services focus on the operational aspect of hotel, resort and restaurant management. Our team of consultants has proven record in improving operational efficiencies by containing costs and maximizing productivity. This includes but is not limited to adjusting operational standards in the kitchen as well as matching food and beverage purchasing requirements. Our expertise is not limited to the kitchen, with our Consultants also able to provide strategic advice on facility expansion, renovation and repositioning.



Product Development and Recipe Development

With years of dedicated experiences, you can rely on HTC in Asia to assist you in developing a successful and profitable product.

  Our consultants have assisted companies such as Club Med, Haagen-Dazs and Fonterra with in a variety of areas including menu development, product research and development surveys and market testing, professional photography services and publication.



Professional Training

We believe that the success of any business within the hospitality, tourism and food industries depend upon a fine balance of services, people skills, leadership and financial reports. No hospitality establishment has excelled by compromising on these aspects. With extensive research in these areas we have crafted an array of training programmes to help you achieve this balance.

  • HTC in Asia is able to conduct tailor made training programmes in-house at hotels / resorts / restaurants or at our training facility located at Kuala Lumpur. We are also able to conduct external training programme on location for trade participants.
  • HTC in Asia has also developed a comprehensive suite of courses for hospitality professional. These courses are conducted by our Consultant Trainers and are offered throughout the year. For further information, see the Courses section of our website.



Weekend Leisure Workshop

The French Culinary School in Asia provides exclusive and interactive culinary courses for amateur cooks. Whether you are a cookaholic or entertaining at home, The French Culinary School in Asia has a range of cooking courses for you to enhance your cooking and lifestyle.

  From ethnic, modern and fusion-spiked cuisines to foie gras cooking and chocolates making, we offer a tantalising series of cooking courses with a true professional touch. The courses are designed to unleash your inner cooking senses so you can host that perfect dinner parties where the guests linger at the dining table for hours and rave about the food. 

  You will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with a trainer Chef as classes are kept small to allow individual guidance. At the end of the day, you will be able to taste your own culinary creations and the Chef’s as well!



Events Management

HTC in Asia’s experienced event management team will assist you to effortlessly host a memorable event. Our fully equipped professional training kitchen, central locations and outdoors rooftop terrace overlooking, Kuala Lumpur city provides the perfect location for a range of events. Previous events include:

  • Cooking demonstrations (related or not related to client’s products)
  • Wine tasting sessions
  • Product launches
  • Cocktail sessions
  • Culinary competitors and related events
  • Seminars / programmes of special interest targeted to public or trade participants