Professional Pastry Certificate


L’Art de la Patisserie pastry master classes are designed to bring new techniques to the pastry industry in a hands-on setting. Classes are open to pastry and culinary professionals as well as food enthusiasts. Participants will learn the latest trends in pastry art and the finer points of baking and pastry decorating, elevating your skills to an international level.


1. Viennoiserie and Breakfast Specialties

Learn and uncovered the secrets on how to bake croissants, chocolate rolls, assortment of danishes, assortment of brioches, puff pastry and inversed puff pastry, cannelés and more.


2. Plated Desserts

Learn the classic French and modern presentations that can be applied to plated desserts including hot, cold and warms desserts. Learn to do great tasting and impressive plated desserts destined for restaurants and buffets. Expect interesting themes, combination of flavours and presentations.


3. The Classic American Cakes

A Collection of American favourite layer cakes and loaf cakes.  Lecture material includes principles of cake making and role of ingredients.


4. The Art of Chocolate Work

  • Chocolate Pralines, Chocolate Cakes and Showpiece
    Learn the art of making chocolate pralines using different techniques like chocolate moulding, piping and dipping technique, and learn how to make chocolate cakes and decoration. Learn the latest techniques of casting the moulds, making chocolate flowers and assembling techniques for chocolate showpiece.


5. Sweet and Savoury Macarons

Learn how to make varieties of sweets and savoury macarons.


6. Modern Christmas Cakes

Learn the latest techniques to whip up modern and unique Christmas log cakes. New concepts and ideas to boost your sweet offers for the festive season.


7. Elegant Buffet and Boutiques Cakes

Learn the latest techniques to whip up modern and unique cakes suitable for buffet and pastry shops and new decoration ideas


8. All About Cheese Cakes

Learn the techniques and master the skills to baked the perfect cheese cakes and chilled cream cheese mousse cakes.  


9. Petit Fours for Cocktail Party

Learn how to make and present a beautiful display of the petit fours using different types of elements used in French pastry. Learn and master all the know-how to make classic little French cakes and fashionable desserts that are in vogue now.


10. Spectacular Wedding Cakes

Learn to build a spectacularly beautiful, multi-tiered, wedding cake with the latest techniques of decoration using: pastillage, royal icing laces, sugar paste flowers, white chocolate flowers, simple decoration using isomalt and colouring technique using air brush.


11. Classics Revisited

French patisserie that is the result of precise and meticulous work is a piece of art that pleases both the eyes and taste buds. Some creations, and even the French classics, are really not so difficult to make. The secret is time, patience and savoir-faire. Learn the techniques to whip up these French classics along with the different ways to display them.


12. Cute Cupcakes

Learn the secret on how to bake cupcakes and the latest technique of decoration for cupcakes, featuring type of decorations using sugar paste, chocolate and isomalt. Learn the latest colouring technique with air brush.