Executive Certificate (Managerial Level)



1. Revenue Booster Program
Revenue Management is a business strategy first used by airline industry to help them optimize their revenue. It has since been adopted by hotels, car rental firms and now restaurants. Revenue Management is defined as the application of information systems and pricing strategies to sell the right inventory, to the right customer, at the right time and at the right price.


2. Cost Control for Managers
In our competitive environment today, strict food and beverage cost control is the key tool towards total quality management. This, in turn, ensures the respect of standards and optimisation of financial performances. Learn how to organise and create a cost control system that would adapt to your operations. You will also discover ways to boost your sales, reduce theft and improve standards of production.


3. Optimising Restaurant Sales Through Effective Menu Development
A menu is more than a list of dishes that your kitchen produces. It renders the character and concept of your restaurant, and governs your profit margin. Learn how to design and develop a menu that will positively influence your sales and profit. And express your restaurant’s personality with the menu design. You will also learn tools such as the competitors’ analysis and menu sales analysis.


4. Saving Costs through Effective Personnel Management
There are lots of ways to trim and slice your expenses. However, it all almost boils down to staffing costs. Join the programme to discover your guide to the costing areas of personnel management. The programme is designed make your job easier by suggesting practical steps to manage costs and comply with the law at the same time.


5. Organising Events for the Hotel & Catering Industry
The course covers the principles, essential elements and system of planning and managing events such as food and beverage promotions, client’s product launches, conferences, exhibitions and ceremonies. It is designed to provide an understanding of how events are planned and executed. Whether you need to enhance your event executive’s skills in improving sales, generating publicity or meeting guest expectations, the programme will arm your employee with the organizational skills to create, plan and organise events from start to finish.